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*fans self* lawd have mercy

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here all day, man.

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here all day, man.
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If I ever have a daughter I vow to never treat her differently,

Than a body and soul of nothing less than great wonder and mystery.

See the moment you were born dear you were nothing but ordinary.

You had the same rights as a man but different organs in those same diapers.

But you reach a point love when the difference becomes visible.

The curves on your body baby girl they spell incredible.

But does this justify how they objectify you in a manner so horrible?

Never pay attention to what they say it’s your mind that’s the most valuable.

Never let someone convince you you’re not an equal.

In a country where just walking on the street is an everyday struggle.

In a country where sexism is a part of everyday life.

and you’ll ask me why the guy in your class said

"It’s okay if you girls fail this class you’ll just end up being some successful man’s wife."

Why is it that success is always related to men?

Why does it come as a surprise if a woman has ambitions and aspirations?

It’s true that a man is expected to provide but a woman nourishes and raises nations.

Why do they feel threatened by a powerful woman that can stand on her own?

Why is it their natural instinct to try to bring her down?

& You wonder why feminism exists and why Medusa turns men into stone

& Why Sirens seduce men to an island and leave them to drown

It’s because dear you possess a power they will never understand.

So they try to control you claiming it’s just respect they demand.

You must always lower your gaze but it’s always acceptable for them to stare.

For you were made solely to give birth and entertain.. who said life had to be fair?

If I ever have a daughter it will be at a time when none of this needs to ever be told

When we’re no longer living in a male dominated world

where freedom is not a right but a privilege we had to fight for

I will remind her everyday that’s she’s not just a woman but much more

that she’s not just a body she’s a mind and a heart and a soul

If I ever have a daughter I don’t promise to tell her all about love

but I promise to tell her that her body is her own to protect

but her heart is far more important to guard

because eventually scars fade away

but emptiness lasts a lifetime

once they break their promise to stay

even if they tell you right from the very start

that not in a million years would they ever break your heart

but you need to understand that for people to grow up they need to grow apart

and if she ever asks me what love is 

All I’ll simply say is this

That it’s not love if it’s not effortless

it’s not the kiss it’s not a caress

Love infatuation and lust are different things

If he gives you a false sense of security 

please don’t confuse it with love

If he values fun more than maturity

then please don’t confuse it with love

Loneliness is not reason enough for you to fall

& if you ever feel like you don’t belong then please recall

that if you ever feel like talking you know how to find my door

I know that now you’re old enough to realise

that the world isn’t made of pretty ponies and butterflies

Now you hold the remote control in your hand and skip all your favourite cartoon channels

and replace them with the shows about the perfect plastic girls

and what about those magazines I found on your bedroom floor

telling you if you’re not a certain size that boy will not adore

your outside or what’s inside let me tell you just once more

the key to happiness is a clear conscience and confidence

&& I’ll repeat it a thousand times just as I have before

you are not defined by your weight or the size of your waist 

but you live in a world that accepts a womanizer but not a womanist

that as long as you are a woman you are not an equal

that as long as you are black you are not capable

and being both I can not think of a reason more to prove them wrong

and being both I think is what makes us strong

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Olicity Appreciation Week | Day 5 - Favorite Little Thing
Olicity + Touch

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1. Spell your name without E,R,S,H,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N:

2. Are you single?

3. What is your favorite number?

4. What is your favorite color?

5. Least favorite color?

6. What are you listening to?
Pyramid - Charice + Iyaz.

7. Are you happy with your life right now?…